Tuesday, 18 January 2011


When I was a girl, I always loved the story of Alice in Wonderland. We had an old copy of it with the old pictures in black and white and I used to spend hours looking at them and reading the words to go along with them.

I think the very first colour Alice in Wonderland I ever saw was the Walt Disney Version.

I've always wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland painting and now I have. I am all about making my dreams come true . . .

Available as a print or as a greeting card. E-mail me on mariealicejoan at aol dot com to find out more. ( I think it's really quite inspirational.)


Angie said...

A great piece Marie. I love it. I knew I shouldn't have come over here!!! How much would a print be?

Verde Farm said...

I found your blog today and I am in love. Your artwork is amazing. I read your profile and that is just exciting. I am currently loving Beatrix Potter myself and so I am so intrigued with your living in Great Britain now. How wonderful. Your artwork is so great. Going to look at your ETSY shop now. If you have time to visit us sometime, we are at Verde Farm.
Happy Sunday, Amy

Juliette Crane said...

so nice to meet you via fourish! your artwork is just adorable and incredibly inspiring! thank you so much for sharing it all!

best wishes,

Pavinee said...

Hello Marie,

I'm Pavinee, your Flourish fellow :-)

I love Alice in Wonderland too. I watched Disney version when I was a kid and didn't read the book until 3 years ago. Somehow the Disney is more dear to me than the book. I wonder what I would think if I read it as a kid :-)

I love how you did texture on her skirt :-)