Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW Greetings, Christmas and Picnics

I can't believe that I haven't posted any pictures of my work these past couple of weeks.  I've been so busy with life . . . it just got in the way, but as you can see I've been very busy!   This is the first piece that I did . . . a tender little pot of pansies . . . I used pencil crayons for this one, which I never normally do, but I do like the way it turned out!  As always, available as an art card.

then there was this experimental water colour, which turned out kind of sweet.  I was not sure if I really liked it that much, but Todd loves it and I sold one already so it must be ok!

I've started working on my Christmas Card line for this year as well.  This one is Bringing Home the Tree.  I love the ho ho on the liscence plate and the little flag!  And the flakes are beginning to fly!

And here is my second Christmas Card for the year as well.  That is an actual cottage from down in Norfolk.  They do get lots of snow there from time to time, so not so very far fetched!!

I've also gotten my newest cookbooklet done, The Great British Picnic!

With the warmer weather and the arrival shortly of "Summer" I have created a whole new Cookbooklet, entitled "The Great British Picnic." Filled with over 36 new recipes, including several types of flavoured mayonnaises, flavoured butters, beautiful sandwiches, delicious spreads and dips, a tasty assortment of salads, a variety of cool soups, refreshing beverages, picky bits, cakes and general scrumminess, all perfect for celebrating the summer season in a very British Picnic Way.  Also included are "Top Tips for Picnic Success" and "Chic Ideas" for creating a "Very Stylish Moveable Feast!" Interspersed between all this scrumminess, there are witty quotes and my own delightful water colour illustrations!

 The price is £5, payment via paypal, and will be sent to you as a downloadable PDF.
You can find the paypal button over on my Kitchen Blog, The English Kitchen.  For some reason I can't get it to post here!  It's in the top right hand column, plus there's a delicious cake recipe there for today as well!

 An Iced Coffee and Walnut Cake.  Soooooo scrummy!!

So that's what's been on my worktop this past week or so.  What's on yours???  If you would like to check what's been on everyone elses hop on over to the Stamping Ground and have a gander at all the talented people on there!  I am always truly amazed!

Thanks for looking!!


Bea said...

I love your little watercolors, Marie... especially the pot of pansies and the butterflies flittering about. Your Christmas cards are sweet and peaceful. You have a light touch to your illustrations. I'll check out the stomping ground. Up at 2:00 a.m thinking I need to clean out a closet or a room so I can free myself to get into my art!

Bea said...

Oh, BTW, how did you go about making your own page design? I like your Blog Title Bar... this looks like something you've designed on your own... I want to recreate my blog page, but it looks so pieced... choppy. It's not as coherent as I'd like it to feel.

Bea said...

I'm following you now!

Laura said...

Love the Winnie quote. Great artwork.
Laura 78 said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful


Zoe #12

Helen said...

Hi Marie I always love your posts as your artwork is enchanting - My favourite is definitely the Bringing Home the Tree! You have answered a question about being able to have Paypal buttons on a blog so now all I need to do is try to do it myself!! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

May said...

I love your blog... your art-work is simply Gorgeous.. I could look at it for hours.. Hugs May x x x#20

Julia Dunnit said...

Fresh and gorgeous - again!

Helen T said...

I love your images & the cake looks fab too - Helen T #48

Erika said...

Fancy showing me cake when I'm trying to be looks lush! Love your pictures. Hugs Erika. #41

butlersabroad said...

Beautiful work Marie, really love water colours. Yummy cake too.

Brenda 107

Queen Of Toys said...
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Queen Of Toys said...

Oh your watercolours are wonderful and getting started on Christmas great idea. I would love a piece of that cake too, I have my coffee in hand now. LOL

Have a great crafting week
Eliza #65

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peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, your images are delightful! at first i thought you were showing stamped images that you colored in! love the colors too! hugs,
peggy aplSEEDS #19

Tertia said...

You have been very busy creating amazing things!
Happy belated WOYWW