Friday, 15 February 2013

Paint Party Friday

My goodness but the weeks seem to roll around quickly.   It's no sooner Monday than it is Friday again.   I have quite a few things to show you for the Paint Party today!

First up a new paper doll.

  photo FiFiLamourCOPYRIGHT_zps7ec0a359.jpg

This is FiFi L'amour . . . she's a romantic paper doll with the heart of a CowGirl.   I have had ever so much fun doing her and plan on adding to her clothing range as time goes by . . .

 photo copyrightextraclothesfifilamour_zpse06ee8e5.jpg

At the moment her wardrobe is sadly lacking as I have been rather busy this week finishing up these . . .
 yes, it's more illustrations for the children's book.

 photo nannyaliceretirescopyright_zps77eb8223.jpg

This one was a bit challenging as there were so many faces in it and I wanted to make everyone look a bit different . . . like people do, no two alike.

  photo NannyAliceandPowwowinthegardencopyright_zpsf4043cb7.jpg

This is one pretty amazing cat.   He reads.  He also looks rather lazy in this . . . but as we all know dogs have masters and cats have slaves!

  photo copyrightmagicblanket_zps737638f2.jpg

Magic blanket anyone???

 photo NannyAliceandPowowTripcopyright_zps3ed06141.jpg

This was the real challenge . . . getting it to look like a night sky and like they were actually flying above a city.  I wish so much I could have gone to art school, because then I would actually know what I am doing.

  photo copyrightpowwowsdream_zpscdafe949.jpg

This is one of my favourites.   He's sleeping.   I wish I could sleep that contentedly!

 photo NannyPowowHospitalCopyright_zps6ec2ec75.jpg

This has been a really fun project.  I still have a few more drawings to do . . . but it won't take long now.

I hope you've all enjoyed your visit with me here today.   Please hop on over to the Stamping Ground to see the rest of the Paint Party Friday participants.   They are a real talented bunch!

Happy Paint Party Friday and thanks ever so much for looking!


Giggles said...

All amazing are a wonderful illustrator!! Love dogs too!
Fun paper dolls!! Happy ppf!

Hugs Giggles

Tracey Fletcher King said...

you are a talented illustrator and your work is wonderful... a pleasure to look at ...xx

WrightStuff said...

Ooh I just love your girl's outfits. They definitely suit my mood today.

Your work is really so lovely.

annkrier said...

i would love a magic blanket. These illustrations are just great - and so happy. ! Happy PPF

La Table De Nana said...

Love everything!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Very sweet paintings!
You are so prolific!
Love the Cow-Girl outfits!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

WOW...your illos look amazing Marie.

Tammie Lee said...

these are all wonderful and a joy to see. Such a sweet style you have.

La Abela said...

Preciosas ilustraciones, hijo tan dulces ....Saludos

sharon said...

These are absolutely wonderful, you have so much talent!

Netty said...

loving your beautiful illustrations.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Marji said...

Wow - beautiful illustrations! The paper dolls are marvelous.

Gloria in CA said...

Love your illustrations. I so remember paper dolls. Thanks you.

Kim said...

These are so lovely, the details of their clothing is amazing! HPPF!

Faye said...

You did not need to go to art school. It looks like you have greatly succeeded in learning to draw and paint by yourself. Beautiful illustrations. I'm so glad I checked out your blog. I don't think I've visited you before, Maria. I see you grew up in NS. We spent our 40th wedding anniversary going all over there, fly fishing and seeing the sights.

Faye said...

PS... I love the paper dolls. I grew up playing paper dolls and I loved changing the clothes, often making my own paper dresses to fit the dolls. Believe me, my work didn't look 1/10th this good.

Silke said...

I just love your illustrations! That is going to be a fun children's book!! Happy and engaging... Happy PPF! Silke

Anne Manda said...

Awesome pieces! <3

denthe said...

Fifi l'Amour is adorable. love your illustrations.

Lynn Cohen said...

What a precious book this will be! Seems to me you are doing well without the art education! I think that's what makes us good artists, we are naturals! ;-)))

I love the paper dolls too! Always was a huge fan of them as a child!

Bluebell Woods said...

Love your work, so I am following now

Ayala Art said...

Yes, time is going too fast! Your FiFi is so adorable! All the pieces are excellent, thanks for sharing!

Rhondi said...

Your artwork just keeps getting better and better! It makes me smile.
Hope you're having a good weekend.