Friday, 8 February 2013

Paper Dolls and Paint Party Friday

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This week I have been working on creating a special page for my paper dolls so that I can sell them as pdf downloads.   If you look up just under my header you will see the link which will take you to them.  I'm really excited about my paper dolls.   I always adored playing with them when I was a girl, and I used to love to collect the ones in Mary Englebreit's magazine . . . so long ago now.

This week I created a new page of clothes for BlueBell and ButterCup and they actually fit both dolls.

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I really love creating new outfits for them.  It's so much fun.  I feel just as if I am shopping, but . . . it's costing me nothing but my time and imagination!

  photo SAM_4669_zps216d5e06.jpg

I've been enjoying playing with them as well.  BlueBell is all dressed up for school here, and check it out!

 photo SAM_4672_zps5db02a90.jpg

She's ready to party on!  I love her.

Today I took some which I had printed at a printers into the Gallery in Town for sale there.  But you can buy them to download and print out yourself in my BlueBell and ButterCup shop.   I will be adding lots of new pages and accessories too as time goes by, but that's not all . . .

  photo CopyrightRoseMarie_zps61c139ea.jpg

They also have a new friend, and I think she's just as cute as a button . . . so anyways, that's what I am sharing for Paint Party Friday this week!

Paint Party Friday

The Stamping Ground to see what everyone else is up to!  Thanks for stopping by and having a look.  Happy Paint Party Friday y'all!


Cottage Remnant said...

She's beautiful!!!


Enejy clemens said...

Cute, your little girl is adorable. Great job!

Kim said...

So sweet! HPPF!

La Table De Nana said...

Love love love love love.
So glad some will live in Canada.They may bake with me also:)

Carol L McKenna said...

So adorable and well illustrated! Wow!

Carol of: (A Creative Harbor)
visiting from PPF

missy k said...

So sweet... bringing back happy memories too :)

Karen x

Netty said...

Beautifully designed clothes and loving Bluebell. Happy PPF, Annette x

kristin maynes said...

OMG! Adorable! I love paper dolls also and I kept the ME paper dolls too. Sad that the magazine isn't around anymore. Your little girls are just as sweet as mary e's.

Anne Manda said...

So sweet and pretty, wonderful dolls! <3

Gina Sismilich said...

Love your paper dolls and especially all the wonderful clothing they have to wear. Brings back so many childhood memories. HPPF

Lynn Cohen said...

I loved paper dolls as a child, and loved making more dresses for them. Fun to see you doing it now. Delightful.

Giggles said...

I love your paper dolls and loved them as a child...must be sooo fun designing all these wonderful clothes...the spectrum is wide open!!

Hugs Giggles

Dianne said...

So adorable! Love them to pieces...happy PPF!

EVA said...

How adorable! And fun clothes to match. :)