Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WOYWW . . . this and that

 photo copyrightfruitsofthespirit_zpsba91f7ac.jpg

I've had a bit of a busy week art-wise this last week of March 2013 . . . hard to believe it's already almost April.  Wherever has the year gone? 

First up is this little painting I did the other day of a fairy sitting on the back of a little Jenny Wren . . . called "Fruits of the Spirit."  I do so really enjoy painting birds and fairies along with the inspiration of God's word . . . and when I can combine all three I get really excited!   I think this is my favourite one of all time . . .

 photo RaynerPaperDollFamily_zps992c9814.jpg

Then I got all whimsical one day and "Paper-Dolled" us.  That's me on the left and our fur baby Mitzie, and of course the Toddster.   I quite enjoyed this.  I reckon I could "Paper-Doll" just about any family.  Wouldn't that make fab personalized gifts for someone on their special occasions?   I don't know!  They're articulated too, meaning their limbs move so you can pose them.   I want to make myself a pair of wings and a cowboy hat for Todd . . . those are two things we've always really wanted.

 photo copyrightArt_zpseabd3ba1.jpg

And finally this came out of my head yesterday afternoon.  It's a fairy hanging out her wash . . . her laundry basket is a walnut shell, and the clothesline pole a sweet-pea.   I'm not sure which wings are my favourite . . . but I love that she is up to date fashion wise . . . and never has to wear the same thing day in and day out, don't you?

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Thanks ever so much for popping in to see what I'm up to!   You make my day every time that you do!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Paint Party Friday . . . Gratitude, Thy Servant Heareth

So this week I got a few new pieces done.    I love it when I have lots of time to play.   It makes me smile.

My first piece was this one.

 photo copyrightgratitude_zpsefc6deca.jpg 

On Wednesday I had Spring and fairies very much on my mind.   That sometimes happens . . .
Especially when it's spring . . . and the cherry tree down the end of the street is about to burst into bloom and make us all smile in the special way that it does.    I love it in the spring time when it looks like it's snowing, but it's not . . . it's just petals falling . . .

Mind today it is actually snowing.    Spring magic . . .

 photo copyrightthyservantheareth_zps21ba896a.jpg

And then this was yesterday . . . I was in a spiritual place.   I love it when that happens too . . . because I love feasting on the word of God.   That kind of nourishment never gets old . . . and it's not fattening either . . .

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOYWW . . . my own little world

I never know what it going to appear when I sit down at my work station with a clean piece of paper and my paints.   I'm always just as surprised at who shows up as anyone is.  To some that big blank piece of paper might be a bit frightening . . . but to me it's an invitation and I just can't wait to get started.

 photo worldcopyright_zpsd6faadbc.jpg

I am in my own little world when I am at my work table . . . I play music to drown out anything outside my little universe . . .  open my book of quotes . . . or my scriptures . . . and then I just let whatever wants to come to life . . . come to life.

This is what came out the other day.   I sat down to paint a Spring Primrose . . . and then I thought a baby chick . . . but look who came out instead!!   I love it when that happens.   Yellow is yellow.

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 photo copyrightbookmark_zps82671dc3.jpg

Oh, and I sketched you a bookmark to print out and have all of your very own.   Nothing special, just a pencil sketch of a girl and her cat.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Paint Party Friday, Life, it's better with friends

 photo Lifecopyright_zps57d25d09.jpg

Just a little watercolor I did this afternoon while I was waiting for the Toddster to come home from town.   I like crows.  They're such smart birds.   I reckon they would make as good a friend as anyone, and probably pretty loyal as well.

This is my entry for this week's Paint Party Friday.   Hop on over to The Stamping Ground to see more.  There's also an auction going on there this week to help benefit the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WOYWW and Standing Firm in Your Faith

 photo SAM_4654_zps85947d1f.jpg

  To me it is just amazing how quickly the weeks seem to roll around.  One week no sooner begins and it is finished.  If I could spend all day every day painting and playing I would . . . alas . . . real life gets in the way and the playing has to wait until the more important things are done.  I suppose it is like that for everyone . . . the child in me wants to play all the time, but the adult in me . . . knows I must do what I must do.  I just wish I had more hours in my day.  Then I could please both sides of my self . . . the playful one and the responsible one.  Of course painting and drawing was my job, well then that would be perfect wouldn't it?  A gal can but dream . . .
 photo Copyrightfirminyourfaith_zps4d093294.jpg

This is my entry for this weeks What's on your Work-desk Wednesday.   Sometimes it seems like there are more rainy days in life than sunny days . . . that's when our faith comes in mighty handy and keeps us upright . . . but if we allow our faith to falter . . . well, then we truly won't stand at all.  I am very grateful for my faith which has seen me through some pretty difficult times.

I love this girls Go Go Boots.  When I was a girl I wanted a pair of Go Go Boots more than anything.   I never did get any . . . but thankfully I can draw myself a pair anytime I want to!   This is how I would have loved to look in a dream world.   Suits me to a T.  Unfortunately I had kinky hair and no Go Go Boots . . . and parents without a lot of money, and so this Mod look was only a dream.  Good thing fads pass . . .  they don't stand still do they?   Unlike faith.  Faith built on Solid Ground stands firm and never passes.

And that's my thoughts for this week.

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Paint Party Friday and the Word of God

I have a deep love for the Word of God.   I like to think of the Scriptures as being somewhat of an owner's manual for our journey here on planet earth . . . and a bit of a directional map for where we ought to want to go.   I love it when my work is inspired by the Word of God.  I think that's when my best work comes out.

 photo LoveNeverFailscopyright_zps19d939d2.jpg

I am sure many of you are familiar with this famous prose from Corinthians about Love.   One of my favourites.

 photo copyrightsecretsoftheheart_zps7aaa0e31.jpg

As is this one from the Psalms.  Don't you just love the Psalms?  I do, and I love that our Heavenly Father knows the secrets of our hearts.

  photo copyrighttheplansforyou_zps880a0299.jpg 

But my absolute favourite scripture of all is this one from Jeremiah, the weeping prophet . . . these words have carried me through many a hard row to hoe in my life.

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