Thursday, 14 November 2013

New Stuff

Once again I have been remiss in updating my page!  I don't know how that happens, but it does.  In any case here is what I have done since the last time I posted!

 photo Copyrightwordstoliveby_zpse287b883.jpg

Words to live by.  A little fairy living in a stump flys her butterfly and kicks up her heels.

  photo SAM_1610_zps1f300c68.jpg

Santa Keys for the grandkiddos.  Hope that they like them.  Lots of fun to do.

 photo Yourheartandmyheartcopyright_zpsc0e5aaae.jpg

Your heart and my heart.   Love this one.   A return to my copic markers.

 photo CopyrightforElderPeterson_zps87e3c011.jpg

A missionary piece.  Love how it turned out.  He's wearing the mantle of the Holy Ghost.
Love our missionaries.

  photo copyrightStay_zpsd8eb404b.jpg

A Pencil Crayon study in friends.   I did it on the rough side of the paper which gave it some texture.

Called Stay.

 photo copyrightTimeStandsstill_zpseb8b644e.jpg

Another one I call Ordinary Life.  Pencil crayon again.  Quite liking it . . .

and I have been making Christmas Gifts for the grands . . .

  photo SAM_1908_zps5c51aa88.jpg

Sock Monkey hats.

 photo SAM_1906_zpsb8d502a5.jpg

and bunny dolls with removable hats, scarves, coats and carrots.

It's all good.