Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A few new pieces for the heart . . .

 photo copyrightLouisaMayAlcott_zpse7b5d245.jpg

Playing with the new watercolor app on ipad.   I quite like this.

 photo copyrightCSLewisLove_zps454a7241.jpg

You can do some really nice things with it.

  photo copyrightJaneAustin_zps2e19efe2.jpg

Who isn't touched by Jane Austin.   She speaks to the romantic soul of each of us I think.

 photo copyrightmissingyou_zps5210a007.jpg

This would be a very nice missing you card I think.

Just what I have been up to this, the last week in February.  It's hard to believe that we are already almost into March.  The year is slipping by, once more . . .   What have you been up to?


Terra said...

I like the painting with the C.S. Lewis quote, and I am on a Jane Austen reading jag now. I read Emma, Pride and Prejudice and a short biography of her by Carol Shields. What a brilliant author.

La Table De Nana said...

I can't get that APP..I'm Androided..
Love that App I think..:)

Marie said...

Thanks Terra! I love anything Jane Austin or CS Lewis.

Monique, I think that is what it is called You can convert your photographs to watercolours. It's really nice! I'm just playing with it!

Naomi Morales said...

I love all your drawings. I was just stopping by at your old blog and I found this site and your drawings gave me a memory. My sister loves your drawings too. They are so cute.

Marie Rayner said...

Thank you so much Naomi! You are a treasure to let me know this. You made my day. ☺ xxoo

Gail Gallagher said...

These are lovely!

Laurie M said...

hi Marie, its me Laurie from I loved a cloudy day, I thought I would never blog again after my eyes became worse in December then help came in the form of a computer program, I am back blogging, with a computer for visually challenged people, I have had to start all over, from scratch , new blog but almost the same name, I hope you find me, your new work is amazing, of course I love it all but you are just such a talent, love, laurie