Saturday, 18 January 2014

Playing Catch Up

With Christmas and everything I am way behind on posting what I have been up to on this page, so without further adieu here are all my latest creations!

 photo copyrightmylittleredbike_zps7e727cfe.jpg

My Little Red Bike, a pencil crayon on pastel paper.

 photo copyrighthappily_zpse4837355.jpg

I choose.   A young woman prepares to go to the temple by following the Young Women's values from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the colours of which are reflected in the bows of her bouquet.

  photo copyrightCoco_zps54f64347.jpg

A bit of fun from Coco Chanel!

 photo copyrighthappilyeverafter_zpsfc7b5aa9.jpg

Another one for the Young Women of the church.  This one was made into a key chain for the Young Women in the Chester Stake.

 photo copyrightheartisgiven_zps983a962c.jpg

A flirty Valentine for the one that you love.

  photo copyrightsometimes_zps8ccf3a10.jpg

A bit of inspiration for myself for the beginning of the year!

Not too sure about the writing on this one, I may have to change the font.

 photo Copyrightbethereason_zps7b24d2c2.jpg

Be the reason someone smiles today.  A nice thought.

  photo copyrighthellothere_zps69b1b22e.jpg

A little greeting of hellooooo to a friend!

 photo copyrightrhythmandbeat_zps850984dc.jpg

For the dancer in your life!  (or for the one who's not afraid to dance to the beat of their own drum!)

 photo SAM_2780_zps74ef14c7.jpg

And something completely new I've been working on.  Matchbox Greetings . . . all of my art miniaturized and fit into a matchbox that you can send to a friend or family as a special greeting card     which they will hopefully want to keep forever.

 photo SAM_2781_zpsa810900d.jpg

And the best part is all of my artwork can be miniaturized in this way and fit into an openable matchbox.

  photo SAM_2777_zps8c690816.jpg

Customized and personalized to fit your need or desire . . .

 photo SAM_2784_zps1b04cabf.jpg

A truly unique way to show your love . . .

  photo SAM_2779_zps1e55fb87.jpg 

What do you think??? 

Let's talk.   If you want me to create a special greeting using one of my art pieces, just message me and I'll see what I can do for you!

In any case that's it for this time.  Thanks so much for looking!