Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another catch up

It seems I am always playing catch up lately.   Here  is another one of those catch up posts on what I have been up to!

Firstly I created another cookbooklet, which is for sale on my food blog.  

This one is called Recipes to Keep.  Again, I am quite proud of it.  That makes four now!  And, I have another one in the works.

I love doing the cookbooklets because they combine both my love of art and my love of cooking.   To me, they are win/win!

 photo copyrightheartsmile_zpsc57f8221.jpg

I love this little owl.   He makes me smile.   I like the idea of him making others smile too.  You make my heart smile.   Heart smiles are the best kind.

 photo copyrightRock_zps5c48cf47.jpg

We sang this hymn in church recently, For All the Saints.   I think it is magical how you can sing something for years and years and then all of a sudden it touches your heart in a special way.  That's what happened during this particular Sacrament meeting when we were singing this hymn and this is what I created from it. Our One True Light.

 photo copyrightcatchafallingstar_zps7d596e72.jpg

Then . . .  just a little bit of nonsense.   I was humming that song all day and this came out.  Catch a Falling Star!  She's missing a pocket though, so I will have to go back and create one.   Art is like that sometimes.

 photo CopyrightGodislove_zpse296a571.jpg

But this is my favourite one of all.   God is Love.   Because He is.  I know this to be true.  I feel His love each and every day of my life . . .  yes, even on the bad days.   Especially on the bad days.

And there you have it.