Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chubby Girls

 photo Copyright Miss Violet Chubster_zpskhz8eihj.jpg

Violet Chubby

 photo copyright best friends chubster_zps4hwkxt5z.jpg

Best Friends Chubby

 photo copyright I love you Chubster_zpsm1vlihua.jpg

I love you Chubby

 photo copyright garden chubster_zpsnnwybey3.jpg

Flower watering chubby

 photo copyright once upon a time_zps3oxystwv.jpg

Reading Chubby

 photo copyright rainy day chubster_zps7g2ukk6q.jpg

Rainy Day Chubby

 photo copyright shy chubster_zpsrjxhjar5.jpg
Shy Chubby

 photo copyright picking berries chubbie_zpsqca7k7td.jpg

Picking Berries Chubby

 photo copyright chubby winter_zpsqugei6ot.jpg

Winter Chubby

 photo copyright chubby happy_zpsjnwdfhru.jpg

Sunny Chubby

 photo copyright blue dancer_zpse5chqwts.jpg

Blue Ballet Chubby

 photo copyright pink dancer_zpsfsnp3ize.jpg

Pink Ballet Chubby

 photo copyright panda_zpsnlxgvdyn.jpg

Chubby Panda

More work

 photo copyright song of solomon_zpstfzcdjag.jpg

The Season for Singing

 photo copyright gentle fairy_zps1akwiay1.jpg

A quiet fairy . . .

 photo copyright Enter his Gates with Thanksgiving_zps93nlaarh.jpg

A Joyful Noise,

 photo copyright you are my happy_zpssgjnr7bb.jpg

Happy Chubby

 photo copyright birthday wishes_zpskefritwq.jpg

Birthday Wishes and Butterfly Kisses

 photo copyright have faith_zpsbzyzceph.jpg

All things possible

 photo BESTcopyright renew strength nurse_zpsdyw27m4h.jpg

Renew Strength

 photo copyright fearfully and wonderfully made_zpsrq1bebia.jpg

I will Praise You

 photo copyright My Grace_zpselch76ts.jpg

My Grace is Sufficient

 photo copyright fearfully and wonderfully made_zpsf9sa4hzf.jpg

Fearfully and Wonderfully

 photo copyright beauty_zpsamfuxvba.jpg

Every Hare

 photo copyright Count it all joy_zpskhylex9x.jpg

Count It All Joy

A years worth of work . . .

Oh boy . . .  I can't believe it's been so long since I posted my work on here.  I will try to post everything today . . .  but it's a lot, so bear with me!

 photo copyrightstay_zps1ecbf12b.jpg


 photo copyrightship_zpsd45865a5.jpg


 photo copyrightdentdelion_zpsab30a7d4.jpg

Dandelion Bubbles

 photo copyrightsunflowergirl_zps5e418eec.jpg

Sunflower . . .

 photo copyrightkindredspiritfriends_zpsb5104d22.jpg

Kindred Spirit Friends

 photo copyrightprayingfor_zpsa825dcbe.jpg

The Things We Take for Granted

 photo copyrightbutterfly_zps8e96527b.jpg

It Became a Butterfly

 photo copyrightmarriagelds_zps898b76ab.jpg


 photo copyrightapplesofgold_zpsc17a399a.jpg

Apples of Gold

 photo copyrightfruitofthespirit_zps2363e7bc.jpg

Fruit of the Spirit is Love

 photo copyrightIwillsingofyourlove_zpsdaf74d06.jpg

Sing of Your Love

 photo copyrightwhoisGod_zpsce15ba48.jpg

Who Is God

 photo copyrightangels_zpseac0a6da.jpg

He gives His Angels Charge